Gray is so excited he can swim on his back now. He loves to jump off the diving board and swim the length of the pool! Gray misses Ms. Glendy and wants to know when she is going to come back.
- Gilda & Gray W. (Kingwood, TX)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Yesterday, my little one -- 18 months old -- fell into the swimming pool head first. We were there, so we obviously got to him quickly, but before we even got to him, he came up, got air, and went straight to his back and started floating (and crying) just like he learned from Glendy. It was absolutely amazing!!!!! Glendy is amazing!!!
- Nicole W. (Fall Creek/Humble, TX)

Today Jackson slipped in the bathtub, trying to stand up. He went from his knees into the water face first. Turned himself over and got his face out of the water. Started crying and got mad (seriously mad) and flipped himself over, pushed up on his arms and knees and plopped down on his naked behind. He cried his scared cry, but I just hugged and kissed the wet boy and told him good job over and over. Thank you for what you've done for us!!
- Josh, Jackson, & Amy H. (Spring, TX)