About Us

     For this native and 4th generation from Humble, TX, teaching children, and adults, to swim is not just a business, but a life-long passion which has allowed her to touch thousands of lives around the country and the world.  Glendy began teaching children to swim while attending Humble High School.  After watching a coach refuse to teach a child with cerebral palsy, Glendy decided to teach the child in her own family pool.  Gradually, word got out about the swim instructor that actually teaches a child to swim and save themselves and before long demand for her swim lessons was in high demand. 

     During college at Sam Houston State University, her summer breaks were spent with children in the pool until eventually she left college to teach full time.  After getting married, Glendy took out a loan so she could build a pool of her own.  Over time she developed a technique of swim instruction she simply calls 'the method'.  She says the reason she has succeeded where others have not is because she focuses on the children over income. But the most apparent reason this succeeds is her believe that this is what God has given her to do to sustain her in her life. Therefore, it does not fail!! God does not fail!

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