Message from the Owner:

I have taught swim for 54 years. I have a heated pool facility North of Houston in Roman Forest, TX 77357.

People are searching for cures for children's diseases to save lives, but drowning is something that can be prevented and the knowledge they take from my program has been proven to save lives.  I have worked with pediatric physicians and others in the medical field for many years to help prevent such tragic incidents

     Nearly half of all Texas water injuries occur in swimming pools, and two-thirds of those incidents occur between May 1 and Aug. 31, according to the Department of Health – an average of one drowning every other day during this time period. More than half of childhood drownings in pools occur in the child’s home pool or a neighbor's pool. About one-third of these drownings occurring at the homes of friends, neighbors or relatives. Fifteen percent of children admitted for near-drowning die in the hospital. As many as 20 percent of near-drowning survivors suffer severe, permanent neurological disability. According to Harris County, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury to children. Seventy percent of drownings are due to inadequate adult supervision. These are not just statistics - they are children that could have been saved."

     My programs are designed to teach the children of all ages how to be safe in around all bodies of water, specifically around backyard & community pools.  Children who learn to swim at a very young age are safer around water and better understand water ecosystems and associated marine life, which in turn teaches a child to appreciate and protect the environment.  It provides opportunities for children to go to college by teaching such skills as discipline and patience.  I hope to teach my students the skills they need not only to succeed in the water, but also the life skills required in today's society to succeed in life.

God Bless,
Glendy Herron